Etoya White

LPC of Etoya White Therapy & Counseling

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Etoya R. White Therapy & Coaching, is the result of my own lifelong journey to self-actualization and purpose.  Growing up in my hometown, St. Louis, Mo., I overcame several personal and emotional barriers, some rooted in the historic injustice that has become well documented.  Through the challenges, I went on to become a Division I college football player, the first male college graduate, and first graduate degree earner in my family.  Etoya R. White Therapy & Coaching was developed as a means to assist men and boys in Black and Brown spaces, providing a trusting relationship that encourages social-emotional growth healthy relationships.  The most important relationship we develop is the relationship with the self, and then others.  

Men and boys in Black and Brown spaces face a unique set of social, generational, relational and systemic barriers, which require a custom tailored therapeutic or coaching approach.  Primarily, I use a Cognitive Behavioral approach to creating healthy patterns of thought, emotional regulation, and healthy relationship building.  However, like any good therapist or coach, I adjust to the needs of my clients.  I believe thoughts are living things.  They take up residence in our minds.  Therefore, my goal is to help develop positive mindset and action-oriented growth for overcoming any obstacle.  My communication style is interactive, supportive, direct and challenging. I also specialize in Social Emotional Learning and skill building groups for young men. Those groups focus on healthy relationships, mental/emotional wellness, decision-making, goal-setting, emotional regulation, self-esteem/self worth, self-actualization and academic achievement.

After achieving my dream of becoming a Division I college football player, I obtained a Bachelor of General Studies degree from the University of Missouri - St. Louis.  After working in corporate sales for a Fortune 500 company, my passion for working with youths led me back to the University of Missouri - St. Louis, where I obtained a Masters degree in Counselor Education, and where I’m currently completing an Educational Doctorate in K-12 Leadership in Character Ed and Servant Leadership.

I am Licensed Professional Counselor and life/relationship coach, specializing in providing brief or long term individual, group, couples, marital, and  family dynamic therapy and coaching, to children, adolescents and adult clients.  Prior to becoming a therapist and distance coach, I served as a middle and high school counselor, and with a variety of social services agencies.  More recently, I have served as the department lead for 26 Professional School Counselors and School Social Workers, for a medium sized urban school district in St. Louis.  I have been a requested speaker for several community agencies and church ministries, specializing in adolescent mental health, motivation/inspiration, and education and life planning.  

I am also the Founder and CEO of TheraTeesco, Inc., a leading online mental wellness tee shirt and apparel store, which was created for the purpose of using the power of tee shirts to encourage non-imposing conversations about mental and emotional wellness. Under The Etoya R. White Brand, LLC., I provide consulting services to school districts, companies, ministries and civic organizations, around healthy adult culture, team-building, and mental/emotional wellness. I provide staff training, professional development, and policy review.

An accomplished servant leader, I have spent time as a varsity football defensive coordinator, Championship youth football coach, youth basketball coach and referee.  I am a certified Trauma Informed Trainer with Alive and Well, St. Louis.  I specialize in school-based training on trauma, team-building, classroom/behavior management, relationship building, and team-building.  I also have vast experience in facilitating restorative circles and promoting restorative conversations.  I also facilitate open or closed, themed groups for men and boys in Black and Brown spaces.

I am a proud member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc.