Forgiving One's Mother Will Set Your Soul Free.

For the trapped little girl inside the woman or the currently silent teenager who’s tears were caused by her mother-----Forgive Her; She Was 16 is for you. Jazzmine Nolan is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, professor, and the 1st to break generational curses in her family. She gathered the courage to reveal her experiences as a motherless daughter.

In addition to sharing these heartfelt experiences, she walks the reader through the many ways she developed herself despite her absent mother. She encourages the reader to develop skills and learn lessons from their own experiences instead of falling victim to them. She thoroughly explains the black mother's pain from the child's perspective with complete acknowledgment of its effects on both lives.

If you're having trouble forgiving your mother for her shortcomings, which in turn is hindering you from becoming the best version of you, it's because you have been burdened with harboring the events behind "What happens in this house, stays in this house."

It's time to acknowledge those events, work through those events, obtain the structured path to forgiveness, and begin developing who you are because of them, not despite them. You can not stop living your life through their lens until you start building your own frames.

Learn how to:

  • Forgive your mother.

  • Forgive yourself and others.

  • Identify your pain and their effects.

  • Identify your areas of strength, awareness and weaknesses.

  • Identify your areas of personal and professional development.

  • Determine your self-leadership style on the path to creating your version of a woman.

Forgive Her; She Was 16 will provide you with a companion in your silence; while making it okay for the little girl you are, or the one inside of you, to validate the heartbreak caused by your mother's inability to love you the way you desired to be loved. In acknowledging the pain, you will be able to humanize your mother, while giving yourself the permission of freedom.

In all of our pain, we are still women. She is not exempt from the process of becoming a woman. As much as we expect perfection from her, she was 16, and these expectations are highly unrealistic; however, never explained to us, the child.

So, let's begin acknowledging, forgiving, accepting, respecting, and honoring the journey to womanhood, as it is very different through the lens of a motherless daughter

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